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Privacy and Surveillance: Understanding An Employer’s Rights and Obligations

December | Sherrard Kuzz LLP

  1. Is there is a “Right” to Privacy
    • Privacy legislation and its impact on your workforce
    • New cases in the area of privacy
    • Unique considerations for unionized employers
  2. Employee Monitoring and Surveillance
    • Can an employer an employee’s email, internet and smartphone use?
    • When can cameras be used in the workplace?
    • Surveillance outside the workplace – is it ever appropriate?
  3. Addressing IT-Related Misconduct
    • Practical tips for drafting and implementing an effective electronic usage policy
    • Recent trends in discipline and discharge for IT-related misconduct
  4. Looking to the Future… fingerprints, retinal scans, ‘clouds’ and beyond
    • What are the potential privacy issues with new and emerging technologies?


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