What Our Clients Say

We regularly solicit feedback to help us improve. Clients are asked to comment on a full range of topics including the quality of our work, responsiveness, billing practices, and the experience of working with our team, generally. We are proud to report that, consistently, clients are very pleased with how we assist and represent them, and praise several aspects of our service including: responsiveness; subject matter expertise; understanding their business and operational objectives; practical, cost-sensitive options and solutions; down to earth team members; and unwavering support in difficult times. Comments include:

Best labour and employment firm I have dealt with.

Best client service in the business.

Not your typical law firm.

Available no matter what the issues, time of day or day of week.

They understand our business and are responsive to our needs.

SK lawyers get the big picture and know exactly what needs to be done.

They become part of the company team.

Very knowledgeable about all aspects of employment law, labour law and civil litigation.

Advice has been flawless.

The firm is extremely good at keeping clients abreast of recent developments in the law through its newsletters and its client breakfast seminars.

They provide much more value than the fees they charge.

Doesn’t “nickel and dime” me on billings.

SK is not focused on dollars. It’s focused on results. As a customer, I know my money is being well spent and I am willing to spend it.

Many phone calls and emails are free.

Great total package support.

It’s like our issues are the only agenda in the world – impressive.

Down to earth, bottom-line advice with rapid response times.

Their willingness to provide management training makes them true partners.

Instills in you the confidence to make the right decisions and supports you 100%.

SK is like an apple a day. We have so few issues since we started working with this incredible team.

They don’t leave us “unattended” – which was extremely important during a very 
turbulent time.

Fending off [union] after a certification vote was called. Service was extraordinary. It was a near death experience for our company – they saved us.

SK rescued us …

Starting with the first contact at reception, it’s always a pleasure to deal with the SK team.

When accepting my current position with my employer, I made using Sherrard Kuzz as one of my “must haves” for accepting the job.

This firm has it all, strategic insight, tactical guidance, operational excellence, a strong service commitment to clients along with a highly personable staff at every level.  I highly recommend them.

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