Advising Multinational and Multi-Jurisdictional Employers

Members of our team regularly provide strategic employment and labour law advice to employers – foreign and domestic – operating or commencing operations within Canada, or in Canadian and foreign jurisdictions.

In most cases, the overarching objective is to design a human resource strategy that maximizes opportunity within each local jurisdiction in accordance with prevailing employment and labour laws, while at the same time achieve an overall global human resource strategy.

This is a significant objective because within Canada the power to regulate employment and labour relations is held primarily by the respective province and territory. An organization considering carrying on business within more than one Canadian jurisdiction must therefore be aware of the different employment and labour laws in each province and territory.

Federal power over employment and labour relations extends only to a limited number of industries including inter-provincial transportation (i.e., long-haul trucking, railway, airlines, etc.), telecommunications (i.e., telephones, television, radio, internet, etc.), postal services (i.e., Canada Post, inter-provincial couriers, etc.), and banking and federal government services. All other businesses fall under the authority of the respective provincial / territorial governments and legislation.

We regularly provide to our clients advice and representation regarding Canada-wide employment and labour law, including:

  • “Doing business as an employer in Canada”
  • Legislative compliance
  • Strategic advice to remain union-free
  • Day-to-day matters

Employment Law Alliance®

Our commitment to outstanding client service includes our membership in Employment Law Alliance®, an international network of management-side employment and labour law firms. The world’s largest alliance of employment and labour law experts, Employment Law Alliance® offers a powerful resource to employers with more than 3000 lawyers in 300 cities around the world. Each Employment Law Alliance® firm is a local firm with strong ties to the local legal community where employers have operations.

Partnerships Across Canada

We have developed relationships with local counsel in every province and territory throughout Canada.  We have worked with our regional partners for many years and are confident in their ability to provide service and advice at the same consistently high level clients receive from us.

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