Executive Employment Agreements and Compensation

Successful businesses must attract, retain and motivate talented and dynamic employees in fiercely competitive markets. A key component in achieving these goals is the design, implementation and administration of effective compensation and benefits arrangements.  This requires a sophisticated understanding of a range of legal and business issues including domestic and foreign tax laws, employment laws, and securities disclosure and compliance requirements.

We partner our expertise in employment law with experts in pensions and benefits, securities, taxation and corporate regulation to help our clients create innovative and tax-effective compensation and benefits arrangements for employees and senior executives. This may include: stock option plans, restricted stock plans, deferred share unit plans, stock purchase plans, phantom stock plans, omnibus stock plans, equity-based incentive programs, broad-based profit sharing plans, long-term incentive plans and other bonus and incentive plans, supplementary retirement plans and their related funding instruments, change in control arrangements, non-competition / confidentiality provisions, and severance arrangements.

(see also Employment Contracts)

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